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D23 two bath version and Stoeckler: what's the difference ? Automatic development system with automatic exposure system should give very good results for kids. Just teach them proper action with the trigger, so camera has a time to set everything for the shot. This Pentax is a perfect camera with great lens and light meter. Kids can learn many things with it and have always very printable negatives. This will increase the "fun" portion. You and I, we know, that for proper operating of fully manual camera some knowledge and understanding is needed. This could be introduced along the way and gradually. I don't see, how the kids could be hurt with this activities, but there is always a possibilities that they may try to club each other with the cameras, but that would be not the photography fault I guess.
When they were younger they might have used the Pentax cameras for a club, but they are all pretty civil now. Yes, there is not much difference between Stoecklers and D23 either one would be good and they have to drink it to hurt themselves. I also thought about E76, but really still would like a developer that they could buy. Later I could show them how to make their own. I'm trying to keep this uncomplicated for them in the beginning so as not to overwhelm and confuse. Thus the Pentax cameras and simple developer. I do know the more they can do on their own the better chance I have of getting them connected to "real" photography. All they do now is run around with their cell phones snapping pictures. I shouldn't talk, because my wife just bought me a Samsung Galaxy Note III and it's got a 13mp camera and I don't even want to say here how cool that is 'cause this isn't the place for that. But it's darn cool! Don't tell my grandkids. JohnW