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Do they have own darkrooms ?
No darkrooms other then a closet or two. I figure they could use a closet to load or I have three changing bags. I would get them some Paterson tanks with the "cheater reels" so it would be easier for them. I don't want them using my Hewes reels. They can develop and dry at home and when they come for a visit they can use my darkroom. None of them live more than 15 miles away so we see each other often. I also have many and I'm not kidding when I say many 120 roll film folding and rigid cameras when they are ready to move up. I sure would like to be able to pass my really good cameras and gear off to a family member instead of my wife dumping it after I pass on. Maybe I'm dreaming! The only way we are going to keep film alive for any length of time is to get some new blood hook on film. I'm trying! JohnW