Jeremy wrote:

"Is there a speed difference in the rotation of a unicolor 8x10 film tube on a unicolor rotary base vs the jobo expert drums? If there's not, then I'll just go with Clay's suggested time for the FP-4. Does anyone have one for HP-5?"

Clay and I have had some recent correspondence on this and I hope he comments further.

Basically, the Unicolor rotary base has just one speed, a fairly slow rpm, whereas the Jobo can be adjusted to very slow or fairly fast rotation. If you are using Job I recommend that the rpm be set to the slowest rotation the unit allows. If the rpm is set too high you may, and especially with high speed films like HP5+, get a fairly high b+f, or general stain. Slowing down the rpm reduces this possibility. It is less important with slow and medium speed films such as FP4+.