As of today I can still go down to my local superstore (not Wal-Mart) give them a roll of B/W film, come back a few days later and have prints presumably made on Kodak B/W paper. Though I havenít used this service myself since I got into darkroom processing, I know a few people who still do. I guess this will be another thing of the past, huh. So much for "you push the button and we do the rest".

Kodak has always been a beginning to end (film to prints) photo company. You take one out of the equation (paper) can the other (film) be far behind. If you use a lot of Tri-X you might want stock up the freezer. I have to think Kodakís film making days are getting short. Maybe I'm wrong, but 5-10 years for everything but maybe a handful of emulsions that feed the small retro market.