I don't think websites are a waste of time if they are designed as selling sites, the problem is most don't do it right (including me).

I do sell some, I often sell them by accidentally leaving them exposed to the public, like going to Starbucks and leaving them spread on the table while doing something else like reading.

People who WANT the image will ask, and those that don't, won't, and you don't get a lot of "having to sell to people" which is nice.

Also word of mouth.

I also sell large family portraits to people after a shoot (but most of those are digital).

I leave prints on my mothers dining room table and when they have parties some of the guests buy them

I've also sold a few prints to people when I was trying to figure out which images I wanted to print for a show, I sold more images asking which ones they liked and which I should leave out of the show, than I did in the show itself LOL. (Coffee shop show...).