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I replied to this the other day but apparently I did something wrong for it not to post. Anyway, I worked with B&H at least 6 months ago on this issue. At the time they only showed Provia and had dropped all Velvia in sheets after the last demise of the 50. This was after me going back and forth with Fuji Japan and Fuji USA on the issue of all Velvia sheets. In communications with Fuji Japan and USA the answers vary. In fact, if you look at Pro films listed on the USA site today they still show 50 being available in 4x5. And of course this was long after the petition & lost effort to keep 50 going here in the USA and other locales such as the UK, etc.

After a period of time B&H brought back the 100 & 100f. So, it's anyone's guess as to what chromes they are going to keep going in sheet. My take is Provia seems to be they're apparent choice, that being Fuji, not the public. Kind of sad when V-50 was their real claim to fame all these years. Once my 200 sheets of 50 are gone I'll use Provia and lots of warming applications as needed.
I haven't seen any announcement stating that they are getting rid of Velvia 100 in 4x5 though... Just Velvia100f (a while ago) and Velvia50 recently... But 100 was still supposed to be available.

It's still available at adorama, I just bought a box, but I wanted to buy it from B&H just because I tend to like their system better and I order from them often so I could order a bunch of stuff at once. I don't have the kind of money to buy a stock in it, just one or two boxes at a time I have enough transparencies to last me the entire year I believe, but then again I don't shoot transparencies very often, only when I'm going to a specific place.

I know that Provia100f is the most versatile it's the only one that can handle people, but Velvia is just so great for landscapes and skyline images of sunrise and sunset, I hate to lose it when I'm just getting started in LF... I know I can still use it for panoramics with my 6x12 back in 120 (for now running through my Velvia50 stash) but still ...

Gah! It's so frustrating...