Depends what you're selling. If it's a commodity like a Big Mac or a pair of Levis, then the web seems to work. If its's something far less tangible, or involves nuances the web is inherently incapable of communicating to the viewer, then it is indeed a waste of time. People looking
for nominal subject matter or some color splash of color for above the sofa might do fine selecting over the web, but otherwise it's like trying
to produce fine furniture in a woodshop only equipped with a double-bit axe and a spiked ball. Not exactly going to impress any gourmet, who
wants to actually smell and taste the nuances of the meal. And if it wasn't for the fact of the web being today's equivalent to a business card
and letterhead for basic contact purposes and IRS recognition, I'd wouldn't even bother. Every single print I've ever sold in my life was due
to someone seeing the real deal.