I already answered that. It kinda goes along with owning a business. Just a modern business card. I haven't updated the damn thing since I first put it up. No need. When I finally get to modernizing it, I'll probably strip all the images of except a few token ones. Way back I had a very well connected pro ask to be my rep, so I made a big set of high-quality copy slides like were standard in those days (and far better for actual visual presentation than the damn web, if a lot more clumsy). Then I transitioned at the request of a few repeat customers already familiar with the quality of my work. But they always wanted to see prints in person anyway... and only about 5% of my images come across even vaguely on the web. None of the subtle color or extreme detail is conveyed. So it's a very low priority thing for me now. I've had hits and comments from almost every country in the world, but so what. As far as I'm concerned, the web is just the new norm of visual mediocrity, and it's damn sad that it's all that much of the younger generation knows.