I got into emulsion making because I wanted to do carbon prints. I needed big negatives. Then I discovered X-ray film and Duplication film thus negating the "need" for home - brew emulsions.

I have not given up on the home brew; but working 60+ hours and a baby on the way means all photography pursuits, whether store bought film and paper, digital, carbon prints, cyanotypes, or dry plates (and hopefully some day a 20X24 camera and daguerrotypes) must be carefully prioritized. Unfortunately, this means I stick with Tri X and oriental seagull. I find that for a high ratio of quality over time invested, my TLR beats my digital SLR every time. I cannot say the same for my carbon and emulsion efforts.

I forget which treatise said it, but someone stated that carbon printing is a process for the "unemployed or idle rich" I think the same may be said for emulsion making, although given the expense of AGNO3, gold and dye, It might just be for the latter.

I dearly hope to be idly rich soon; build a new darkroom (baby will be taking over the old one) and once again fire up the mixing hotplate.

Realistically, I will have no contributions in the forseeable future.