I started exposing negatives with my solarization project about 10 years ago, I started putting my images out there for sale about two years ago, I am selling mainly to people in the Toronto GTA . I have shown here a few times in Gallery settings here in Toronto and that is where my sales are coming from.

I have moved my work to three locations , Calgary, Riverside, Springfield,Louisville, I have not sold anything from those showings, but I feel that one must show the work, and get more and more people looking and liking your work, the sales will follow, but it is hard work and needs an investment of your time, and money, as well marketing the best you can.

I think that once I have shown 25 more times in Locations other than my home town, my sales will increase and be worth the investment.
I am not interested in grants, as a small business owner I do not fit the criterea, but I am willing to put all my effort into creating, printing, framing and moving the work to venues that want to show my work.
I feel strongly about my work, and I think the prints are as good as I can produce , and am willing to wait another 15-30 years to be an overnite sensation.

Other than the flavour of the months , I think it takes 15 -25 years to hit the market properly and those not willing to be patient and or invest in their work really do not stand a chance of selling for large $$$.

I must also add that I am prepared for the worst and be in the position of leaving behind editions of all my work in nice archival boxes, without ever realizing my goals.