I've had a couple of good years where I've sold more than a dozen prints, which was nice for me, because it was enough income to sustain the hobby.

But lately the economy has changed a lot, and it's difficult to get people to invest in prints, so that made me stop trying a couple of years ago. But I also stopped because I just didn't have time to pursue opportunities anymore. Working more than full time, I went through divorce, moved twice in a year, and going to school for a degree, all at the same time, means I don't even have time to print. So, in the unlikely event that anybody would like to purchase a print from me, it's sad but true to say I wouldn't even have time to make the print.

Maybe when I'm done with school and things settle down I can spend more time on it. I see a couple of my photography friends having some commercial success, which is really good to see, but only after they work really hard at it, and also spend a lot of money on it. Money is another really rare commodity in the Bertilsson bank account.
It is strange, because I feel that when I print, I am producing the best work I've ever produced, but I have no time, literally, to bring it in front of other people or potential buyers.