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I've read other, prior comments that some think F76+ and FA-1027 are the same developer. What evidence does anyone have that that suggestion is correct? Just wondering, because I've been tempted to try FA-1027. I have tried F76+ and wasn't knocked out.
An acquaintance sent Clayton an email and asked to confirm, and they did.

No film developer is going to 'knock you out'. Remember, the neg is only an intermediary. I have prints from negs made with that developer, and I have nothing but good experience to tell, after i used it for a while and did the usual tweaking.

I guess I'm the kind of guy that likes to claim that the end results are 95% about skill and 5% about materials.

But one man's ceiling is another man's floor. You're not wrong and I'm not necessarily right. Hope you found something else that works well.