Sudek, this is a 36" / 30W lamp with UVA output peaking at 350nm, right? 30W per 36" is a little on the weak side but perfectly useful. My 24" bulbs are 40W for instance, yours should be equivalent to 20W / 24". Not strong, but not weak too. I know people printing with 20W lamps and our exposure times are close to each other.

Apart staining whites, bleeding is loss of image forming substance from paper, therefore leads to weaker dmax.

Bill, I know no dop pd mixture that exceeds log 3.0 exposure scale - if there isn't something really wrong with sudek's mixture, that is. That's why I asked about their FO, maybe it's stale.

sudek, measure FO enough for one print and try to mix 1 drop of OTC peroxide (3%) in it, swirl, wait a little then add the metal and print. See what happens? If things get better, it's stale FO. You should better choose to mix a fresh solution instead of fiddling with peroxide addition; it's hard to control that.