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I said "knock me out" because of all the hype associated with FA-1027, so if F-76 is the same, I was expecting…well, something special, or unique. Just as Edwal 12 has specific characteristics, or a glycin developer, I had expected F-76 to present a specific characteristic that made the developer something beyond D-76. I didn't find that F-76 provided the tonality I wanted -- which ran counter to my expectations re: FA-1027.
Hmmm! Where did it fall down on the tone quality? Just curious? If it's like D76, just even a little bit, it's not a 100% compensating developer, but you can make it act like one. I just want something that my grandkids can use that will give them good clean results, is bought over the counter/online, in liquid form and isn't life threatening. I could go with Xtol or HC-110, but I also like the cost factor with F76+ and it's simple to use.. If three of four of my G-kids and myself use it then I might not have a problem of shelf life/going bad. Plus, I'd like to see what it does for myself and then I'll know for sure whether it's all hype or not. JohnW