I finished building the sink support frames today! No issues, just a lot of other things I had to do that kept me away from the darkroom.

Here's the right side first shelf in:

Sink frame right 1st shelf.jpg

Here it is all done:

sink frame right finished.jpg

Note the open space at the left end of the frame where it joins the rear wall farming. I realized that if I made the second shelf the same length as the 1st shelf I would have no access to the drain area and would not be able to hook up the drain after the sinks are installed! So I cut the 2nd shelf back from 96" to 80". I can crawl in under the drain area and work on the drain as needed.

From the doorway looking in:

sink frame right finished 2.jpg

And where the two sinks will join:

sink frame right finished 3.jpg

Next up: Building the sinks and the back splashes. Once they are in I will start painting it.