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I still fail to understand. Tonality is still affected way more by how you expose and process the film than the developer itself. What exactly did not happen that made you go 'not my thing'?
I'm surprised and trying to understand what happened.

I attached a scan of a contact print I made from a 4x5 negative a little while back. I shot it using Tri-X and used FA-1027. Contact printed. I don't think another developer would have done anything to improve the print. It might have changed the negative slightly in tonality, but usually it's something that can be compensated for to a large extent come printing time. We have so much control over the work flow, both negative processing and printing, by just changing technique, that I usually don't understand why people make such a big deal out of developers. Sure, Edwal 12 has special properties, absolutely, but you can get 80-90% of it by just changing how you shoot and process the film.
Yes, I was wondering the same thing Thomas. Expose for the shadows and shorten or extend the developing time a little and "bingo"! Tonal range should not be a problem as I see it, but maybe it just didn't have that "certain look" for him. That contact print sure looks to have a very, very nice tonal range to me and the highlights don't look excessive on my screen. It probably is no magic bullet developer, but it certainly doesn't look like a bad bullet at all. We'll see when I get it. JohnW