Hello folks
See below, Andrey asked me to change and I thought he would write to the appropriate people. Guess he is busy just like the rest of us.
I have received Sly's Lith print but have not yet opened it. Because I would like to receive as much feedback as possible--I'm a new lith printer--I hope you don't mind if I send both groups my image when I get them printed.... I will send to Silke S, Megzdad81, Mooseontheloose, and sly. thanks so much, and hope everyone has a lovely season of celebration. bluejeh

Re: Do you mind if I change your group?

Hi Andrey
sorry if I havent replied sooner, I havent been on APUG for a couple of days.
If you'd like to change my group, that is fine. bluejeh

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Do you mind if I change your group?
So, what do you say if you will exchenge with megzdad81 and mooseontheloose?
ps. sorry for my english )