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Duly arrived in one piece and not a hint of damp this time - An interesting view of a waterfall and memorial.

I have been struggling to get some decent colours out of the Foma papers (suffering long dev times and chronic fogging issues). What dilution are you using the LD20 at ?
I use just plain vanilla 1:1:20. But I use it hot. I heat up a gallon of distilled water in the microwave and pour into a tray that sits over a dish warmer plate. Foma has a rather slow emulsion, so it needs quite a bit of exposure. The first few sheets through the developer are not very colorful, but it gets more pinkish by the third or fourth sheet. However, Tim Rudman reported that Foma reformulated their papers last year, and they lost their lithability. I'm still using my old stock, so don't know how the new once behaves.