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Well, thanks a lot to you all for your help.
After querying the product vendor (ag photographic), and after tests made this night, I can say that this kodak RA4 RT/LU 4x5l works well in a rotary jobo processor, without starter.
For information, if someone is willing to split the mix, here are the quantities of concentrates for this kit (in europe, at least) :
Concentrates to make 5L :
Dev :
A = 250ml
B = 120ml
C = 250ml
A = 700ml
B = 1000ml

(this matches the DREW WILEY's indications)
Thanks all.
That doesn't agree with my own findings made today (15/12/2013)...

I have a Kodak RT/LU 4*5L kit bought from AG Photographic some time ago (around 2010).
The instructions on the dev bottles (A,B,C) state:-
"3.5L water + a + b + c + water to make 5L".

I wanted to initially only mix half to give 2.5L (my 12x16 Nova tank capacity is 2L per slot).
As the bottles do not indicate the quantity of each concentrate, I decided to measure the content of each using a measuring cylinder.

For the total concentrates to make 5L, I measured...

Dev Replenisher:
A = 400ml
B = 230ml
C = 400ml

A = 720ml
B = 1025ml

Has Kodak changed the concentration?

Here's something else I discovered...

For 1L Dev Replenisher, the measurements for my kit indicate I would need :-
A = 80ml
B = 46ml
C = 80ml.
Water = 794ml.

That doesn't agree with the figures published by Kodak (PDF dated 2009):-

Kodak's figures for Dev Replenisher RT indicate :-
A = 50ml
B = 22.2ml
C = 50ml
Water = 877.8ml

Dev A gives a ratio 50/80 = 0.625 for the difference.
This is exactly the same ratio as the difference of the amount to make 5L (=250/400) which again suggests the concentration in the kit has changed.

For Dev B, we get = 22.2/46 = 0.48
For 5L, 120/230 = 0.52
A Similar ratio, although this time not exact.

I'm now trying to figure out how much starter I need.
I have a 1.2L bottle of Kodak Ektacolor RA.
For RA-4, the instructions on the bottle give:-
700ml Replenisher + 25ml Starter + 275ml water = 1L.

Kodak's PDF for 1L gives:-
A = 40ml
B = 17.8ml
C = 40ml
Starter = 24ml
Water = 878.2ml

Alternatively for 1.25L:-
Mixed Replenisher = 1000ml
Starter = 31ml
Water = 219ml

That doesn't tie up with the instructions on the Starter bottle.
Has the starter concentration changed also?
What do I use?

My brain is starting to hurt.