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I hear that the bellows give issues, especially if stock.
Who did you hear that from?
Well, a few examples:
New bellows for fuji gs645
Hello, I have a rather good deal on this folder and it looks to me as the perfect camera for my needs. However, in the future it will need some service and new bellows. As I read the original ones are doomed and some circuits need to be looked at also. Do you know a good spot in Europe that deals with this Fuji problems? Thanks
GS645 Bellows Repair
I just acquired a GS645 that needed a new bellows. I sent it out a couple days ago to a highly recommended repair shop - Camera Wiz in Virginia - and was told it would be approximately 3 weeks to get back. Anyone who knows anything about these cameras know that the original bellows did not last long at all. What I am interested in, is finding out how long replacement bellows have been lasting. Hopefully longer than the original. Anyone care to comment?
bellows repair kit for fuji GS645 folder?
Hello folks... straight up, I love this place! Here's a quick one... anybody know of any bellows repair kits for the fuji folder?
I've been using the Fuji GS645 for over 25 years and it's one of my favorite cameras. Focus is sharp and bright, lens is excellent with good contrast and sharpness and metering is pretty much on target. Shooting landscapes is not difficult, you just have to get adjusted to it. A great carry around camera. The flip side: bellows is the weak spot on this camera and it can develop pinholes and has to be replaced. I purchased a nylon bellows from Hong Kong on ebay for $65 and had it installed by Essex Camera in NJ and works perfectly. That's the primary issue.

That is not meant to bash that excellent camera. Just need to be aware of the issue when buying.