Thanks for the advice.

-I read about the Fuji GS645S bellow issues all over the internet.
-By folder, I was referring to the old 120 folders. The more modern ones by Fuji, Cosina, and Plaubel are probably Okay..atleast ergonomically.
-Toss around was a bit of an overstatement. I wouldn't deliberately throw my camera around but I want to find the balance between functionanality and durability. I figured that there are some photojournalist out there that need/needed reliable 120 cameras.

For the time present, I might stick with my Rolleiflex MX-EVS as it isn't too expensive if it breaks -- hopefully never. I have some 2.8E cameras but I don't need that aperture ALL of the time and so the lesser expensive MX-EVS is a maybe a better candidate.

I am still interested in this discussion though!