Try to sell your photos on a cruise ship line. Artists do that with paintings. Or at least companies that represent many artists.

Which reminds me of a personal story. My wife and I were sailing on a big cruise ship to Bermuda from NYC. They had a auction aboard for mainly oil artists. So my wife and I review some of the paintings before the auction to flag those we might be interested in. I had never bid at an auction so it was all new to me and I really didn't want to pay a lot anyway.

The auction opens and they show one of the pictures my wife likes that we saw earlier. There are about 40-50 people there. Trouble is the bidding has to start at $1400. I really didn't want bid that much but to keep my wife happy I opened the bid figuring to bow out quickly.

"Do I hear $1600? Do I hear $1500? Do I hear $1450?"
said the auctioneer.

Well, no one raised my bid. I was the only bidder!

"Sold for $1400".

and I was stuck buying it. With commissions and other fees, it cost me over $1700.

Well, my wife's happy. It's pretty. It's hanging on our wall. It's the last auction I'll go too.