I was going to buy (locally) a Nova 12" x 16" developing tank for around 75 GBP seen on the local Gumtree site.

The seller stated that it would save a lot of room (I am trying to figure out a temporary darkroom in the house.

The Nova was thermostatically controlled and as I only have 8" x 10" trays I would like the capacity to print 12" x 16" and my enlarger can do this size.

I initially was going to buy an 8" x 10" Paterson print washer tray which you plug into the tap and then I seen the Nova tank and thought this would be great.

The Nova tank can also process fibre prints so this was another boon.

Needless to say I just checked the advert again to phone the seller and the advert is gone!

Would it be a good idea to buy this? It makes sense to me although I am a novice who has bought nearly everything he needs without printing as yet.