Thankyou all for the replies. To clarify I have a 50mm, 80mm and 150mm. I was thinking of swapping the 150mm for the 180mm just because I've read a lot of opinions saying that the 180 is the preferred lens of the two (for sharpness reasons mostly) and also eventually getting a 250mm.I do like the compressed almost 'diorama' feel that a longer lens gives and find that when I'm outdoors I use the 150mm a lot more than say the 50mm or 80mm. When I was using a DSLR I used to stick to a 50mm or 85mm and do a lot of stitched 'bokehrama' type photos as I liked the non-stretchy effect that UWA's give. Thankyou all for your opinions and thoughts. I was not so much after a "is this the wrong lens" type of answer moreso just your thoughts on the application of telephoto lenses in landscape stuff.