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So it's an exhibit in the history of film at Fujifilm and not something presently available? Was it available only in Japan or for a narrow Asian market and nowhere else? Personally I have never heard of Fortia transparency, but the colours appear pleasing enough to want to take it for a spin. I am heading to Japan in February (Osaka) and will likely seek out Fujifilm's corporate HQ for a look.
Yes, as I wrote above, I was in an exhibit at Fujifilm's corporate headquarters (Roppongi area of Tokyo). You will find no film for sale there. Just empty boxes under glass. Plus about 400 cameras on display, mostly Fujifilm cameras, but some from the very beginning of photography. I enjoyed the visit there. I got to handle a Fujifilm GF670W rangefinder and that convinced me to drop 2 big ones and buy one at Yobodashi.

You wont find Fortia film for sale in any stores. It is long gone. No Reala either .