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Good evening Stone and APUG friends,
I have been using 5222 since 1996 and love it. I equally like 5231 when I want smoother tones and finer grain. Problem is, I am running out of 5231. I would like to get to get about 400'.
Evening Sam,

I wish you luck, I think you will have to find something else

I would suggest considering...


It is the closest thing to normal Plus-X sill film, but I'm not sure if there was a difference between the movie film and the still version of Plus-x. This ilford FP4+ is really nice stuff. It's a traditional grain film, and also ASA 125. If you want even FINER...


That's another ilford product Delta100) but you could also consider...


Both are super fine grained tabular films that are ASA 100.

Those are my suggestions.

The reason I'm saying this is simply because, I think that if you do get your hands on some of the movie stock you're looking for, there's no real guarantee it was stored as well as you store your own film in the past, and you may end up with lesser results then you were hoping for, and this other stuff you can buy fresh. I mentioned the Ilford FP4+ film first because it's the closest thing to the same speed and style of film that you are currently using, as far as I can ascertain, and also because Ilford is a company that will be around for many many years and that film is going to be available for a very very long time, so standardizing on it is a very good that compared to Kodak which is seemingly always up in the air...

If you absolutely must switch from your current film, I would suggest picking up a few rolls of each of these, and testing out to see what you like before you pick up the long rolls.

Best of luck!