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Do you print only one image on a sheet, or perhaps two or three? What size of paper do you use? I have wanted to try this in 6x6 and maybe 6x9. I have some Ilford MGIV fibre in 7x5 that I bought to try this, but haven't got round to it yet.

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I print singles images on a sheet. I cut the paper to pieces a bit bigger than the image, then I mount and frame.

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AA said:'if you can't make them good make them bigger. I can see a small print mounted in a large neutralframe looking like preciousj jewel.good things come in small packages.
It is what I try to transmit when I thought in my frames, thick and more like "luxurious":


But with 35mm I want to make it more affordable. Still in a nice frame but not in a such expensive one.