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Thank you guys for the overwhelming flood of comments!

Some were really helpful, but I think, my point was not understood entirely.
Unfortunately I cannot switch to 3200 ISO films - the costs are absolutely prohibitive (+ sourcing them locally in 120 is impossible).
I do not have more exposure (and frankly do not care about better tones at ISO 200, as it is not available to me for when I need ISO 3200).
When I want better tones and have more exposure, I simply use Tri-X at 320 or just shoot digital.

…and simply wanted to hear about these minuscule effects from the experts, so I can improve upon the developing I do now.
I am no expert but I can say that sourcing Ilford Delta 3200 film in 120 size in Shanghai is very easy. Where are you getting your film now? I must assume that you know of the camera mall on Luban road. There are several film stores on the 3rd floor and the one I go to has always had Delta 3200. I have not bought any in quite a long while so I guess there is a small chance things have changed. But I would be seriously surprised if it were not available anymore.

Good to see another Shanghai poster here!