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I am not familiar with the RT/LU and don't see it in the PDF. I think the RT figures in the PDF are for the RA/RT replenisher, that's why the difference. For your developer I would go by the label and your measurements and calculations. Don't know about the starter.
I decided to rely on my measurements as far as mixing the replenisher is concerned.
However, when it comes to adding the starter, the label on the starter bottle is somewhat confusing:-

Replenisher Starter Water

PRIME SP 500ml 40ml 460ml
PRIME SP LORR 500ml 45ml 455ml
PRIME/PRO 700ml 30ml 270ml
PRO RT/PRIME RT 800ml 25ml 175ml
RA 161 700ml 30ml 270ml
RA-4 700ml 25ml 275ml

I don't understand the meaning of the labels on the left column.
I assume they refer to various professional minilab/processor systems?
Can someone enlighten me?

Should I use the "RA-4" quantities given in the last row for a Nova tank?
Adding 275ml of water to 700ml replenisher seems like a lot of dilution.