I've spent ages trying to work out what all of Kodak's acronyms mean!

I don't know how much of this will be useful to you, but here's what I "think" things mean!

LORR= LOw Replenishment Rate (good for high throughput, lower replenishment rate reduces chemical effluent)
RT/LU = Roller Transport/Low Utilisation (good for low throughput - apparently less susceptible to oxidation)
SP = Single Part

Also, I bought one of the Kodak's RA-4 dev kits from Ag-photographic in 2009. It remained in storage from early 2010 while I moved house and rebuilt my DR. The kit was oxidised when I took it back out of storage. I bought a new kit from Ag at the start of this year and both the concentrate bottle sizes and the smell of the developer are different. I don't know if this is because Ag have changed the version that they offer, or whether Kodak have changed the formulation. Point is, it's possible that older product numbers (and therefore potentially different formulations) are still kicking around.