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I had my Spotmatic CLA'd by the Pentax guru last year. I thought it would hold up in the cold weather. WRONG. Mirror got stuck after about 20 minutes in 15 degrees.

Is this normal? What temperatures were 1970s cameras supposed to work in? What did pros do? What can I do? I'm looking for a 35mm or medium format I can use in 0-20 degree weather.
It isn't normal. Chronometers were used, and functioned properly, in arctic conditions, in the 1840s. With animal based lubricants that were specially refined for those conditions.
You'd be surprised what some folks think a CLA comprises, looks like yours got the Ronsonol version. Find a technician who will do it properly with the correct lubricants. I was using my Nikon F made in 1968 the other day, the thermometer read -16F.