$20? Nice! I keep looking at the Bronica ETRS backs for the filmpacks. I just hate that it only uses a small part of the image. I mean I could crop it down but why can't they use the whole thing and just extend the back aways and maybe do some kind of adjustment for focus? Dreams.

I was at the local flea market shop with the camera booth on Sunday and they had quite a few Land Cameras there... a ColorPack for $7, a 101 for $30 and a 450 for $40, another booth had a Colorpack for I think $20. They also always have 5+ of the 600 style Polaroids, those are always cheap usually $5-25 a pop.

I want that 450, it has the Zeiss Ikon rangefinder. I may go back and take a battery to see if it works and buy it.

I don't need more Land Cameras. I do want an SX-70 but holy smokes they are expensive. And the places who are selling them all redone and cleaned up are literally asking $200-400. Who in the world told them their cameras that are cleaned up and working are worth that kind of money, seriously. And who would pay that? I am struggling to allow myself to spend $50-75 for a good working SX-70.

GB, have you figured out which model of Land Camera you might want? Any luck finding a SX-70? Win the lottery?