If you want to use a flash with it, you need to get a Land Camera that has the old style flash connector and get yourself hot shoe adapter. Then you can plug the newer flash in and just hold it when taking shots. I've also seen people glue a cold shoe onto the top of the camera and do the same newer flash with it running via an adapter to teh old plug in on the Land Cameras with it.

I think the Colorpack Land Cameras all only come with the old style 4 sided cube flash so unless you are good at electronics and hacking a hot shoe, those are out. They are def cheap though.

I like my 101 and my 320 both quite a bit. They are nearly identical in function minus the 101's rangefinder folding under the front cover. I'm looking for a 250 but may get the 450 I mentioned just because it's available and has the Zeiss RF on it over the 250s which seem to be harder to come by.

I keep looking for an SX70 and hoping my camera guy will have one in his booth, but I don't -need- it so I'm hoping to stumble across it one day at a good price. I don't care if it's not pretty as long as it functions 100%.