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It's not just the focal length, Stone - It's the image circle. That 300 C you picked up is a wonderful lens, esp for 4x5, but is a bit cramped on
8x10 film (usable, but not to the degree of the 360's out there). I use a 360 Fuji A myself, but it's sure a pity if Schneider doesn't do periodic
runs of their 350/11. The only common relatively compact thing out there is the 355 G-Claron, which is a solid performer, but in a big no.3 shutter. Likewise 14-inch dagors. Many 4x5 front standards won't support the big ordinary klunker plasmats at those kind of extensions. One really needs lighter lenses in no. 1 shutters.
E. Von, it's about none of that, it's about it being a true telephoto, (takes less then 350mm bellows draw) because my bellows only goes to 325mm... So the 350 f/11 will work for me.