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No, I think this was more experimentation than anything on his part. If you convert all of them to black & white they probably work better. I would guess he was also probably colour blind to some extent.
That's a wild assumption!

I don't think they would 'probably' work well in black and white either. This is one of the biggest collective brain farts of creative judgement in 21st century photography. We're living in the convert to greyscale generation (somewhat aptly abbreviated, CGG).

And cliveh, you only ever shoot in black and white! Surely you know the difference between tonality and colour by now?

Please somebody buy cliveh a book of colour photography for Christmas... and I don't mean 'WW1 in Colour', but 'colour photography'; the kind where colour is used as a visual statement of creative intent.

This said, his colour pictures linked are just illustrations for a crappy magazine, I don't think he was trying to set the photographic art world's pants on fire.