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I don't have any recommendations for but I would recommend against the Gralab 300 clock-face style timer. I currently use one for my enlarger.

1. It is very hard to be consistent. It doesn't click between seconds (no steps) if you know what I mean (at least mine doesn't).
2. Again, consistency & exactness is hard because the enlarger turns on while you are winding the second hand forward. Normally I just twist it as fast I can but when I need to be really exact I work the enlarger power switch and the focus/enlarge knob on the gralab and try to turn both on the exact same time.

3. I definitely like my Gralab way better than not having a timer. But if you can get something digital or with knobs rather than a clock face I think you'll have a better time.
The Gralab 300 came in a variety of flavours. Mine has a separate switch to start and stop the timing cycle. So on mine I switch it to "stop", set the time, and then switch it to start.

At the end of the timing cycle, the power goes off (and the buzzer goes if you forget to turn it off).

Just use the switch off, set time, switch on again procedure from there.

It does definitely work better though if you use longer exposure times.