I'm getting ready to buy some film for two upcoming trips, and I checked around a little. It gave me a headache. Take a look.
(All prices converted to Canadian dollars at today's bank rate).
Ilford HP5+ (Made in England) - In London - $8.07, in Paris - $9.03, in Toronto - $6.99, in New York - $5.02
Kodak Tri-X (Made in the US) - In London - $8.08, in Paris - $6.70, in Toronto - $8.99, in New York - $4.75.
These prices are single rolls, at major retailers.
So, I can buy film which is made in England for about 60% of the price in New York, for what I can buy it for in England, (umů. where it's made).
I can buy film made in the US for the best price in New York, (reasonable), but why is it much more expensive in Toronto, (about 400 miles away), than it is in Paris?
HP5 ran the gamut from $5.02, (New York), to $9.03, (Paris).
Tri-X went from $4.75, (New York), to $8.99, (Toronto).
This makes absolutely no sense. Even figuring in the inclusive taxes of England and France, there is still a huge discrepancy.
France and England have the same sales tax rate, and yet Tri-X is almost $1.30 a roll less in France than it is in England.
Luckily, I'll be in Toronto for a couple of months, and can buy my film in New York and have it sent to me there.
It looks like it's every man for himself.