Durst 301 dichroic color head for the 138 series enlarger. If you already own a Durst 138 5x7 with the condenser head and would like to print color or print b/w with incorporated contrast controls and diffuse light, here's a rare chance to get everything you need to do so:

1.) Durst cls 301 color head
2.) Durst Coliman (mechanical add-on that converts the front panel control of the cls 301 head to vertically-oriented control-rods)
3.) Durst EST 301 110v power supply
4.) Durst 5x7 Latobox diffuser
5.) Durst 6x9 Latobox diffuser
6.) Durst Lafan w/ hose
7.) Durst Lacap 138 (the frame that mounts to your 138 and holds all this stuff together)

This kit is in excellent condition having never been subjected to the punishing, daily use of a commercial lab. The two diffuser boxes will have you covered on everything from 35mm to 5x7. Fan plugs into power supply and comes on and off as needed through a thermostatic control in the head. The original serving instructions are included. $550 plus shipping.