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price variations are largely import n duty taxes as well as exchange rates.

I buy a crap load of film, throw it in the freezer. Then the next time I buy I am overwhelmed by future shock.. HOW MUCH?
Well that certainly is what manufacturers want us to believe and what "the market will bear" strategy is not as comfortable for the manufacturer as the " prices are governed by forces beyond our control" argument as this then becomes the unwelcome and less wholesome guest at the feast who is taking advantage of our goodness. It makes the producers just a little bit less loveable and we all like to be loved. Being loved is good for business as well unless the product is a distress purchase when it doesn't matter. To a large extent I fear that analogue material has reached that point where if not a distress purchase i.e. one that you must have and cannot live without, it has got to the inelastic demand point where price matters much less for sales volumes.