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In the 1970s and 1980s, I used to sell Tri-X and Plus-X at a department store.
Along with Kodachrome, Ektachrome, Kodacolour, 3M slide film, Polaroid SX70 and other films, house brand films .....
No Fuji though.
Yes, I did a stint in department Store Camera land myself. We HAD Fujicolour and fujichrome, even some GAF colour. (The only C-22 size 110 film I have ever seen.) Also AGFA CNS. The Lab we dealt with was the official lab for that non-standard process.

For a while the buyer had a deal to get grey market Kodak Limited Film from the UK as it was cheaper than the film from Kodak Canada. That suddenly stopped after a visit from the Kodak Canada rep. I only bought a few rolls of the UK stuff but they were still re-loadable when the Canadian and US ones were crimped.

Funny thing was we could send a roll of slide film (AnscoChrome, or E6 ) out before the pickup at 4 Pm and it would be returned by the 4 pm Pickup the next day. (lab sent someone to swap the pickup bag every day)

Of course working with Cameras all doy the last thing I wanted to do on my day off was to even think about taking pictures.