Anybody interested? I've had this for several months and I love it, but I want to sell it to fund a couple lenses better suited for the camera I use (Sony A7R).

Cosmetically, I'd rate it 7/10. It's got scuffs, it's got one pronounced scratch, and some of the painting has come off the labeling, mostly the DOF scale on the focus ring.
Optically, I'd rate it 9/10, if not 9.5. It's very clean, no major (or even minor) fungus, clouding, scratching, wipe marks, etc, some internal dust as you'd expect.
Mechanically, I'd rate it 9.5/10. Focus is Leica smooth, aperture ring firm and clicking, I've checked the RF coupling against an M9 and it's spot-on.

Comes with the shade shown in the photo, and 3rd party lens caps.

Asking $4300 OBO, plus Paypal + Shipping.