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It must be tough to have to wear a sweater all day in December. That is like a cold snap Los Angeles. I can understand.
Spare a thought for us over here, 40C by thursday (that's 104F to you guys on the archaic system). Can't go out film shooting, it'll be expired by the time I've finished the roll.
And yeah, London's expensive, what my sister pays in rent for a damp basement 2br flat in Hammersmith is what I pay on my mortgage for a 4br standalone house 2km from Adelaide city-centre and 4km from the beach (which is where I'll be going on thursday arvo).

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Regarding costs of living, I left UK to move to NL largely because there seemed to be a better match between earnings and house prices.
Depends where you are, of course. When I was there, the rent on my 44mē 1 bedroom (with a bathroom so small that the door didn't shut when I sat on the can) in The Hague cost me about 1/3 of my monthly earnings...