@ RattyMouse, thank you certainly ;-) Le't call it passionist though - might be more fitting.

@ Mark: thank you very much for the link - this is exactly the kind of direction I was looking for. I am going to experiment with agitation during the next batch of developments and see what I can find.
As you (and others) have commented though, it looks to be more like a combination of indeed more exposure (I will not get around it seems) AND a well balanced more frequent agitation to keep the negative curve more flat for better highlight protection.
I will also look into a more thorough technique in noise reduction during digital post processing (I do practise a hybrid workflow and print entirely digital).

@ Xmas, this is a very valid point and I am one of the people who very much prefer vintage lenses over the latest modern breed of perfected optics among others for the reason of a lower contrast.
Regarding the STÖECKLER TWO BATH, this will be something I have to save for later when starting to experiment indeed with different materials.
I wonder, if it is indeed applicable for heavy push processing to 2-3 stops over box speed, which is what I am doing at the moment.