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Who buys green boxes , only the farmers and vegeterians. American eyeball ? , what is american eyeball ? Is there such a race ? If you talk about colors , come and tell to Indians and Chinese people ! They drink tea since BC 2752 , 4765 years !

Why americans pay such a money to Japan , why dont they apply tariffs ? What is the reason of such a big import ? And We can not sell anything to USA because of tariffs !
I only report what the commercials on TV said. I was only 12, 13, 14 years old maybe. As far as I know, there is no "American race". If so, they were Winston Churchill's words. I drink iced tea, as that's the only way tea is supposed to be. As far as the relationship between the US and Japan, such relationship probably dates back to the aftermath of the war, and reconstruction. The last question is undoubtedly political, which is a subject of much head-scratching and angst.
At the time of entry of the green boxes in the American market, coincided with the disappearance of the red ones (Ansco), so perhaps there was a void. Kodak was king. (still is, just a smaller kingdom).