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If yours has straight threads like the one in the auction's picture, it won't work.

Shutter release cables are TAPERED threads(similar to a cone shape). See the picture below:

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the person who has made these didn't make them correctly, that's IF they are intending on selling them to people who want to use standard-type shutters/cameras.

I believe Alpa cameras have a non-standard version of the thread, I do have a regular tapered thread release, but it's pretty much junk, it fits, but that's about it. I was hoping to use this much more handsome Alpa style one. I had my suspicions that it may not fit, but I took a chance.

So I would like to consider ways of making it fit, after all, it's just a metal pin with a button on top in a little cone. I've seen thread adaptors, but nothing which look like it would fit. I don't mind making something myself (or at least trying), but if someone else has ideas or thoughts, they are most welcome.