You are on the right track Xmas but their is a real difference in effect between pre-flashing and the effects single or uncoated lenses provide.

First, flare (internal) is the effect that causes the effect you are speaking of. Controlling the amount of flare using a hood is a good idea. Both types of flare can be used creatively, regulating good vs bad though, is an art.

As I understand it, internal flare (from say uncoated, single coated, or dirty lenses) tends to bleed into adjacent areas around the bright areas (or the dirt), it doesn't affect the whole frame equally. If the highlights are far right, the shadows far left may not get any extra exposure from the internal flare. This can help the print by keeping blacks black.

Internal flare reduces contrast mostly between bright subjects and their immediate surroundings and that may require extra development of the film or printing at a harder grade to look right. Those fixes may make menos's problem worse; it's an artistic choice that menos will have to play with to see.

Pre-flashing by contrast affects the entire frame and the effect is most marked in the low tones, contrast in the high tones is relatively unaffected. Less development or more normal paper grade may be used to get the desired result.

Both approaches can produce very nice results.