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I too have a spare 4x5 enlarger, an older Omega D2, in storage that I'd happily give to somebody who would use it. I bought a newer Omega D2-V some years ago and the old one has been in storage since.
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I'm in Memphis and actually have a Beseler MCRX to give away to a good home. It could use some cleaning up and TLC, but it works just fine.
You guys are awesome to make such offers. I'm sure someone will be grateful for the chance. I'm located in Germany, so it's not for me. I hope someone will give them a great home and lots of use!

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I picked up my Beseler 45MXT from the Salvation Army for $30.00. Came with negative carriers, 50mm lens, and a paper safe. It needs a good cleaning, but other than that is was a steal. Deals are to be had if you keep your eyes open..
I'm looking around at our flea markets and thrift shops. Apparently there wasn't much large format enlarging done by private folks in our area. It seems there wasn't a lot of large format in general, at least in the last 30 years or so. There's still some old timers in business, and a couple shops in the bigger cities where something may crop up, so there's always hope!

Thanks for the advice and offers, whoever they're intended for, it shows what a great group APUG is!