Excuse the lack of knowledge, I'm familiar with my Hasselblad 501C which I've made into a make shift eye level shooting camera, but what is the deal with the

I am one of the weird ones that can't confirm to 6x6 very well. I need more in the frame! Don't hate me for my preference!

With that said, what is the deal on the AFD system? Auto focus? Decent lenses it seems. Somewhat acceptable price.Metering?

Currently I love my Hasselblad but I use a eye level finder and other things to make it what I want it to be and still I can't get around it be 6x6. Sometimes I just need more in the frame.
Is this the magical system I've been looking for at a reasonable price? I'm basically looking for a medium format DSLR with the ability to do portrait and landscape.

Please advise!