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Hi guys! I may not have been visible much this year, after the loss of my mother etc its been really a year of reflection and I took some time out from the film scene, now I am back! HOWEVER i have noticed there has been a few changes, notibly the loss of provia 400X, although it can still be found for not much more than its original price, pushed to 1600 gave outstanding large projectable results! a brief phone call with ag photo earlier this year confirmed the loss of 400x and then I found that velvia 50 is no longer offered in super-8 cartridges but not sure about the still film production (V 100 is, however means i have to adjust my 40/160ASA camera manually for best results, etc etc). Super 8 colour reversal cost is now so high I am going to swallow that tad bit extra - buy 4 neg (vision3 50D cartridges for 60 quid and for the cost of dev. and wet-gate printing from andec, have prints made from the negatives, (plus have a negative for a back-up) or black and white reversal as well.

I am not sure what else has been discontinued or added to film lines, so can people please fill me in here!

Reala 100 in 120 size, Neopan 400 in 135 size, FP3000B instant black and white,.........all gone.

There are claims of an Italian company starting up film production. TBD......