I'd put my hand up, but my freezer's a bit full and I've promised myself not to buy any more until I use up some (except Delta3200, I'm out of that and there's no substitutes).

What is the chance of getting chemicals from OS?
L&P have a Tetenal E6 12-shot kit for $84, that works out to $7 a roll/sheet, and once I put a suitable Jobo reel and tank into the bargain it's barely worth it compared to the extra few bucks to get it done properly at atkins or B+Ws. But if I could get it for half that price, I'd be a bit more tempted.
Noone seems to want to post liquid chemicals, there's only a powder C41 at Freestyle, all the rest are ORM-D. Is there anyone who'd post liquid chemicals, and is it worth it once the shipping's factored in?